Sophie (stumpy_thedwarf) wrote,

This shit is B.A.N.A.N.A.S.

Hope the few remaining stragglers on here are doing okay! I've been keeping as up to date as possible with all your goings-on.

In a nutshell:
Work appraisal on Thursday. Not sure if boss likes me that much but hopefully that won't affect her assessment of my performance. I really enjoy the job and it's refreshing not to be constantly looking for other things that are better-suited to me. I really want to do well with this. Fingers crossed.

As for the whole boy situation - I really could have done with a simple deal right now (if anything - I was fairly happy single). And i still am single technically. But I seem to have found someone fairly wonderful, we've become very close very quickly. And he's not ready for anything formal/serious/exclusive due to some pretty screwed baggage he's carrying around - and I'm fine with that. Up until recently I felt the same, but some slightly concerning feelings are rearing their stupid idiot heads. It's a terribly complicated but, for now, quite fun affair, and I feel like it's under control. When I feel like it isn't I'll deal with it. As usual timing's all skewed on both sides. Flippin' timing. Flippin' boys.

Nothing else really to report. Bit worried about Nick at the moment, but I hope that's unfounded.

Overall: I'm alright!

Soooooooo... How's about you guys?

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