Sophie (stumpy_thedwarf) wrote,

Still alive, just.

I'm coming out of my university-shaped obsessed-with-Facebook-and-nothing-else cave to dust off this thing.

Notable Recent Events
- Turned 22. Already noticing considerable sagging and wrinkles. Only a matter of time now before Botox starts calling me.

- Did my exams and panicked before the last one convinced I knew nothing and had wasted my final year. Pretty silly since I'd already done most of my degree and this last exam was worth about 5% in total. I cried down the phone to practically my entire family and lost myself in a pile of snotty tissues. Got an early night, woke up and miraculously I'd remembered a lot of stuff. I guess everything really does seem better in the morning.

- Got a 2:1. Huzzah!! I don't know how I did it and part of me feels guilty because apart from the 2 months before the exams where I was frantically not revising but sadly learning everything I'd missed the lectures for, I did very little work.

- Went to Kate's graduation. She was very clever and got a first. I watched her go through many weird St. Andrews traditions during the ceremony, including listening to most of it in Latin and being hit over the head with a dead guy's old pants. Et superted, Kate. Et superted. I got a bit emotional when she joined the academics procession at the end complete with hood as a REAL academic, and realised that as an adult female it's obligatory to shed at least one tear at any kind of ceremony. I feel very old and mumsy now.

- Have been having a battle with the landlord over rent. We've been living in a bit of a shithole for the past 12 months and there is a massive damp problem. Emily and I decided we'd ask for £50 off each and for him to pay for all dehumidifiers etc. Had a minor spat with other housemate Lou because she wants the whole thing back, which I think is a bit much considering he's responded quickly to all our problems (granted, fixing them rather cack-handedly by sending his simple nephew round to block up leaks, and occasionally causing even more catastrophes by employing cowboy workmen). She's contesting the rent individually and if he says no (which he probably will considering the 2 other tenants have come to an agreement with him) I think she'll probably do a runner with the last month's rent. I'd rather get the deposit back myself.

- Currently preparing for my own graduation (haircut, highlights, MANICURE!). Many embarrassing photos are in store for me that day but on a lighter note I'll probably get to shake Bill Bryson's hand!!!! Apparently he likes to make as many congregations as possible so fingers crossed he makes mine! In the evening my family and MY BOYFRIEND'S FAMILY are going out for dinner TOGETHER!!! I literally feel about 30 and very nervous for some reason, even though I know it'll probably all go fine.

When I get back to Manchester I plan to look for a flat and start working/midwifery preparation. This time next year I'll be looking at women's naughty bits and taking blood pressure!
It's all making me feel very old.

Hope everyone's having fun!
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