Sophie (stumpy_thedwarf) wrote,

Absence makes the heart grow fonder!!!

I feel I have neglected you, oh Livejournal. You have been cruelly replaced by the wonder that is the book of Face.

But I still read about all you guys and keep up to date with what's going on. I just never post my own entries so wouldn't be surprised if absolutely none of you are interested in what I have to say anymore. I'm not even that interested.

Going to Newcastle tomorrow to spend the New Year with the significant other (bloody hell, I have been spending too long on Facebook) and apparently his parents have got me a Christmas present so I'm now officially a part of the family. It also means I have to get them something. Arse.

The Christmas holidays have been spent mainly breaking TVs and getting new ones, then getting old ones back again only to find they're still broken so part-exchanging them for new ones. And finally figuring out how to work the DVD Recorder which we've had for about a thousand years.

Kate is also officially the best sister in the world as she got me a Neighbours: Defining Moments DVD with all the births, marriages and deaths!!!!! Very festive! Nothing like a good death at Christmas.

Looking forward to various get-togethers before going back to Durham.

Hope everyone's had a good one and will celebrate the New Year in style!!!!
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