Sophie (stumpy_thedwarf) wrote,

This Life Outrage

Just watched the last ever episode of This Life on DVD and quite frankly was appalled. It was just getting interesting and then it ended. Warren was just getting fit and then it ENDED! Nothing was resolved, all the loose ends were just left dangling there.

I just feel so at a loss! I don't know if Milly and Egg are going to sort things out, or if Miles is going to finally admit to himself that he can't live happily with Francesca and that he'd only really be happy with Anna - or if it's Anna who gives in and tells Miles how she really feels.
I don't even really know if Joe and Kiera get together, or if Kiera gets her dream job as receptionist.
I wanted to know exactly what injuries Rachel had when Milly smacked her one.
All I know is that Ferdy's in love with Lenny - and who cares about that Mick-Hucknall-resembling moose!!!!!

It's ironic that I bought the This Life DVDs because I felt I'd been missing out on a big part of my 90s TV teenagedom, and now I feel even more out of the loop than I ever have before just because I don't know what the FUCK IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!

Trust me, if you haven't watched This Life before, don't start. As you can tell, it's just frustrating.
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