Sophie (stumpy_thedwarf) wrote,

Like woah.

I'm becoming a stranger to these parts. I'll probably have to start asking directions soon...

Hmm, my life recently...
- Have eaten a lot
- Have got into Manchester Uni and City Uni in London to study Midwifery next year but I'm definitely going to Manchester, starting March 2008.
- Grown mushrooms on our kitchen ceiling (because of the damp problem in the student house in Durham. My parents run a very respectable household. Our Durham landlord's a crap old man.)
- Grown mould on my bedroom ceiling (purely for recreational purposes, nothing to do with damp.)
- Grown mould in several cups of neglected tea.
- Had an hour-long conversation about Paul O'Grady with my boyfriend's nana.
- Had a couple of colds.
- Had several near-misses regarding handing in uni coursework and sworn blind each time I would never leave it to the last minute again (ha!).
- Gone to Chichester (beautiful place. full of rich people.)
- Got a(nother) hair-cut.
- Have been going out with Dave for almost 6 months now and it's still going well. This may seem like peanuts to some of you, but for me, Queen of the Short Term and ill-advised liaison, seriously, it's a long time.
- Have started thinking about moving out in the summer and buying a fish called Fergus and a cat called Dirk.

In a nutshell.

Hope everyone's ok.
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