Sophie (stumpy_thedwarf) wrote,


the letter a

are you available? miraculously, at the moment I'm currently not!!
what is your age? 21
what annoys you? right now? Kelly Clarkson.

the letter b

do you live in a big house? not particularly
when is your birthday? may
who are your best friends? Kate, Frances, Emily, Lou

the letter c

what's your favourite candy? Haribo
who's your crush? Dave, the deluded young man I'm seeing at the moment.
when was the last time you cried? no idea.

the letter d

do you daydream? all the time
what's your favourite kind of dog? I really want a dog like the one our dad used to have when he was little - a tiny miniature version of the shaggy Dulux dog, called Bruce.
what day of the week is it? Wednesday

the letter e

how do you like your eggs? Poached
have you ever been in the emergency room? yes
what's the easiest thing ever to do? bad translations

the letter f

have you ever flown in a plane? Yes
do you use fly swatters? not on a daily basis
have you ever used a foghorn? i wish!

the letter g

do you chew gum? yes
are you a giver or a taker? both
do you like gummy candies? HELLO?! HARIBO!!!!

the letter h

how are you? not too bad, thank you. how are you?
what's your height? 5ft 4
what colour is your hair? naturally light brown, now it's blonder

the letter i

what's your favourite ice cream? Bailey's Haagen-Dazs
have you ever ice skated? yes. I'm shite at it though
do you play an instrument? piano. and i sing. and i used to play the violin but would probably kill people if i tried to play it now.

the letter j

what's your favourite jelly bean? cinnamon
have you ever heard a really hilarious joke? a really bad taste but hilarious Jeremy Beadle one.
do you wear jewelry? I wear the ring Vicki bought me for Christmas one year, and the silver bracelet Biggsy and her parents got me for my 18th every single day and never take them off. I wear assorted other bits and pieces depending on the clothes I'm wearing/how arsed I am.

the letter k

who do you want to kill? noone right now. but if I didn't see Bernard Manning ever again I wouldn't particularly mind too much.
do you want kids? yes.
where did you have kindergarten? Rosecroft in Didsbury. It's closed down now.

the letter l

are you laid back? very.
do you lie? sometimes
when was your last kiss? about half an hour ago.

the letter m

whats your favourite movie? La Vita e bella
do you still watch disney movies? YES!
do you like mangos? love them.

the letter n

do you have a nickname? Foxy.
whats your favourite number? 16
do you prefer night over day? no.

the letter o

whats your one wish? to become a successful midwife and have a family. I'm so white picket!!!!!!
are you an only child? no
do you wish this was over? not really. nothing better to do. that's a lie.

the letter p

what one fear are you most paranoid about? drowning.
what are your pets ? cat
whats a personality you look for in people? sense of humour, not too cocky but not a doormat, confidence.

the letter q

whats your favourite quote? it's from my housemate Lou, asking Emily if her new boyfriend was cremated... (she meant circumcized)
does time seem to pass quickly or slowly? quickly.
are you quick to judge people? not generally

the letter r

do you think youre always right? yes :)
do you watch reality tv? not really
whats a good reason to cry? crying is a natural reaction for many different situations. a good reason to cry is if you feel like crying.

the letter s

do you prefer sun or rain? Sun
do you like snow? Yes
what's your favourite season? winter

the letter t

what time is it? 16:55
what time did you wake up? 08:25
when was the last time you slept in a tent? Brownies probably.

the letter u

are you wearing underwear? yes
do you prefer underwear or thongs? knickers!
underwear or boxers? boxers

the letter v

whats the worst veggie? not a huge fan of sweet potato.
where do you want to go on vacation? Croatia
where was your last vacation to? Italy

the letter w

what's your worst habit? staring at people.
where do you live? In Durham at the moment.
what's your worst fear? drowning

the letter x

have you ever had an x-ray? yes
have you seen the x-games? no
do you own a xylophone? what?! who does?!

the letter y

do you like the colour yellow? yes.
what year were you born in? 1985
whats one thing you like to do? sleep.

the letter z

whats your zodiac sign? Gemini
do you believe in the zodiac? not really
what's your favourite zoo animal? penguins

In quick news:
- fourth year sucks cos there's so much work and no time to do it in.
- I've lost my library card which is proving most unhelpful.
- I've spent way too much money on shit this year.
- our house is really badly maintained. it's damp and my bedroom has a leak. our electricity bills are going to be massive because of the blow heaters and de-humidifiers we have to keep using. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!
- on an up note I'm no longer single. It still feels really weird but he's a very nice guy called Dave who Kate has already had the pleasure of vetting. It's going very well at the moment :)

How are we all??? xxx
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