Sophie (stumpy_thedwarf) wrote,

Lovely weekend in Paris followed by a fairly traumatic train journey experience which everyone concerned has already talked about - involving striking French train workers, missing our flights, fainting, fist fights, lots of paper flapping, disgruntled men busting windows out of their frames, tears and frantic people thinking they were going to die. I thought I was going to puke all over a man's face at one point (we were all so close together, the direction of said puke would have been unavoidable).

I could have made a whole dramatic post about that but I can't be arsed and to be fair on all you guys, I doubt any of you could be arsed reading about it either.

Excellent piece on Radio 4 today. A listener rang in saying that everyone really MUST read THE fundamental book about knitting: Knitting With Dog Hair by Kendall Crolius. The slogan is possibly the best in the universe - "Better A Sweater From A Dog You Love Than From A Sheep You'll Never Meet".

Google it - it's a real book! I might buy it.
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